Jason Weekly No. 001

Hello friends!

I’ve been meaning to try this for a while now. This is where I’m going to do some writing. My goal is to write one column a week.  I’m not sure which day of the week will be best. Maybe Wednesday. Maybe Thursday. Either way, I’ll try to have a new post up every week. It’s harder than it used to be because I’m just not processing as many things lately. This processing was the reason that I used to write so much. I was working through things. Trying to make things make sense. Big things. Little things. All kinds of things.

These days all I do is go to work and chase my kids around. That’s it. Sure, it’s mundane, but it’s anything but boring. Especially in light of our current circumstances. No school. No daycare. The kids are home all day long, and my beautiful wife has been busting her hump to get everything done every day. Fortunately I’m still going to work. I say fortunately because I know for a fact that I couldn’t do what she’s been doing. Working full-time. Home-schooling. Every other aspect of parenting. Every minute of every hour of every day of every week. It never ends. One day runs into another. I tell her every day that I don’t know how she does it.

Back to the column. I’m not promising a masterpiece every week. Not to you, and most of all not to myself. All I’m setting out to do is keep the cursor moving for a few minutes, turning letters into words, and words into thoughts, and thoughts into a few paragraphs. That’s it. I read my local newspaper every week, and I marvel at the columnists that are able to create content so consistently. They look at the world, and they tell you what they see, and they all have a powerful perspective. That’s what I want to tap into. I want to be brave enough to have a voice again. That’s what this is all about.

I’ll thank you in advance for reading the words that I write. I’m proud to have brought you this far into this first column. Here’s to sharing a bunch of words going forward.

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